Buffalo Bill's Running Back to Invite 15-20 Police Officers to Attend Upcoming Game

LeSean McCoy;  Photo: via espy.com

LeSean McCoy; Photo: via espy.com

Buffalo Bill's running back LeSean McCoy plans to bring between 15-20 police officers to an upcoming Bill's game as a sign of appreciation for the work they do.

"Just an appreciation type of thing. Cause they’re taking so much heat right now. There’s things that are happening that’s definitely wrong but I just feel like there’s bad people, there’s bad cops and there’s good cops,” McCoy said.

Ironically, the gesture could happen to coincide with the Bill's upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers and the return of quarterback Colin Kaepernick to the playing field.

Kaepernick drew outrage earlier this season over his kneeling during the National Anthem.

The 49ers quarterback said his protest was directed toward police mistreatment of African Americans and other people of color.


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