NC Cop Survives Being Shot Multiple Times, Dragged by Suspect Vehicle for Nearly Quarter-Mile

Officer Nicholas Wayne Powell;  Photo: Winston-Salem Police Dept.

Officer Nicholas Wayne Powell; Photo: Winston-Salem Police Dept.

The new year began violently for a Winston-Salem police officer who was shot multiple times and dragged by a suspect’s vehicle for nearly a quarter-mile on Monday morning in North Carolina. 

Officer Nicholas Wayne Powell had arrived on scene of a vehicle stop to assist another officer when the driver of the vehicle attempted to flee the scene by jumping back into his vehicle. 

Officer Powell tried to grab the suspect, identified as 26 year old Gary Lynn, but Lynn resisted and began driving the car away. Officer Powell held on to the vehicle as it sped down the road for nearly a quarter-mile. 

When the vehicle finally stopped, a physical altercation continued between Lynn and Officer Powell. Lynn then allegedly pulled a handgun and shot Powell multiple times, including at least once in the chest. Powell’s bullet proof vest was instrumental in stopping that bullet. 

Lynn was also shot once, allegedly with his own weapon, but police denied that any officer discharged their weapon on scene. 

Officer Powell was taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Lynn was arrested and treated at a local hospital and is now facing charges of attempted first-degree murder, among others. 


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