Illinois Officer's Act of Kindness Goes Viral on Social Media

Photo: Alex Fischbach

Photo: Alex Fischbach

An Illinois police officer’s act of kindness was caught on tape recently as the unidentified officer from the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Dept. brought a homeless man into a local restaurant and bought him a meal. 

The officer apparently transported the man to the restaurant in order to get him away from the cold weather outside.

When the man appeared to not have enough money to buy himself a meal the officer did it for him.

Alex Fischbach, a patron at the restaurant, watched the scene unfold and took a picture of the officer and homeless man that has now gone viral on social media. 

Fischbach, moved by what he saw, said in an interview, “He (the officer) wasn’t really looking for any recognition or anything. It was just really awesome to see.”

Although the main stream media won’t report incidents like this, they occur every day throughout the nation as officers go above and beyond the call of duty to help their fellow citizens.


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