West VA Department Latest to Display "In God We Trust" Decals on Patrol Cars

Photo:  bdtonline.com

Photo: bdtonline.com

A police department in West Virginia has become the latest to add “In God We Trust” decals to their patrol cars, despite a recent public uproar in Texas over the same issue.

The Princeton Police Department added the slogan because they thought it was “a real good idea.”

Chief John Howell said, “Everyone has their opinion and this is our opinion. The one way I look at it is that police officers are looked to as guardians and we feel like that there is an ultimate guardian.”

The chief also stated that no public funds were used to purchase the decals, instead they relied on donations.

While the department has no intention of offending anyone the chief said that they intend to get the decals up on all of the patrol cars as quickly as possible. Additionally, said Chief Howell, “I would like to see the rest of the city vehicles have it put on them as well.”


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