Concealed Gun Carrying Former Marine Comes to the Aid of Texas Deputy

Deputy Dylan Dorris and Scott Perkins;  Photo: Jillian Beck/ACN

Deputy Dylan Dorris and Scott Perkins; Photo: Jillian Beck/ACN

A Good Samaritan with a concealed weapon came to the aid of a Texas police officer earlier this month and is being credited with saving the officer’s life.

Bastrop Sheriff’s deputy Dylan Dorris, 23, responded to a call of a man driving erratically with a small child in the car near the area of Texas 304 and Watterson Road on January 16.

When he located the suspect vehicle, the man driving pulled into a nearby gas station.

When Deputy Dorris contacted the man, identified as Kenton Fryer, 32, a fight ensued. 

Fryer and Deputy Dorris fought for several minutes with Dorris unable to call for backup. Fryer also allegedly tried to take Deputy Dorris’s gun away during the fight. 

That’s when Scott Perkins, a former U.S. Marine, saw what was happening and rushed to help the struggling deputy. Perkins pulled his concealed gun and yelled at Fryer to, “Freeze!”

Fryer fled on foot after Perkins intervened but he was apprehended a short time later and taken into custody. 

Deputy Dorris credits Perkins with saving his life, saying, “I’m alive today because of him. There are no words to explain it. He’s such an outstanding citizen. He’s here for our country, our community and you really feel the love.”

Scott Perkins, hailed as a hero, demurred. "Anytime somebody is in need of help you should assist them. It doesn’t matter whether your life is in danger or not, you should always assist anybody who is in need,” Perkins said.


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