San Francisco Declares Day of Remembrance for Mario Woods, Convicted Felon Shot by Police

Photo: Daniel Schwen/wikipedia

Photo: Daniel Schwen/wikipedia

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has unanimously voted to declare July 22, 2016 as a day of remembrance for Mario Woods, a man shot and killed by San Francisco police after he allegedly stabbed a man and refused to comply with police commands to surrender.

The decision to honor a convicted felon has inspired widespread condemnation from both the public as well as police union officials who expressed confusion that the board would declare a day of remembrance for Woods but has not done so for any of the over one hundred police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty serving the city.

Woods, 26, had an extensive criminal history that kept him in prison for most of his adult life. Prior charges against him included robbery and firearms charges as well as an association to the Oakdale Mob street gang.

Martin Halloran, president of the SF police union, stated before the board vote, “It will be a hurtful day to their families if this city’s elected officials decide to recognize and honor an individual that preyed upon our most vulnerable citizens.”

The circumstances leading up to the death of Woods include allegations that he stabbed a homeless man and then refused to comply with repeated police commands to drop his knife and surrender. Video footage of the shooting of Woods went viral on social media.


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