SoCal Manhunt for Three Maximum-Security Jail Escapees

Nayeri; Tieu; and Duong;  Photo:

Nayeri; Tieu; and Duong; Photo:

Police in Southern California are engaged in a manhunt for three inmates who escaped a maximum security jail in Orange County on Friday. Among the three escapees is an accused murderer.

Jonathan Tieu, 20, Hossein Nayeri, 37, and Bac Tien Duong, 43, escaped by cutting through steel and rebar in order to access the jail’s roof. They then rappelled down from the roof and escaped. 

The men are charged with crimes including murder, torture, and kidnapping.

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said, “While our focus right now is to apprehend these individuals and get them back behind bars as quick as possible we are also beginning an investigation as to how this occurred and are working on that -- but certainly not with the same number of resources as we are dealing with getting these individuals off the street.”

Authorities are offering a $50,000 reward for info leading to the escapees’ capture.


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