DC Cops Make the Best of Winter Storm Jonas

Photo: Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images

Photo: Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images

Police and residents in Washington, D.C. did what they could to make the best of the historic snowfall brought to town by Winter Storm Jonas over the weekend. Snowfall totals reached between 18-24” inside the Capitol Beltway.

Officers began their shifts by doing something they're not used to doing...shoveling their patrol cars out of the snow. 

Later in the day, a video went viral on social media showing police officers and local children engaging in a game of pick-up football and elsewhere in the city an officer serenaded folks by amplifying the soundtrack to the Disney movie Frozen from his patrol vehicle. 

And it literally took an act of congress for children to be able to enjoy sledding down Capitol Hill along the west front of the Capitol building, which several did throughout the day.

Although Jonas brought a great deal of difficulty for many, with thousands in the area losing power and multiple deaths associated to the storm's extreme nature, some folks found a way to make the best of an otherwise harsh weekend.


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