Washington Man Tries to Steal Police Car...With Cop Still Inside

Photo: Tacoma Police Dept./Facebook

Photo: Tacoma Police Dept./Facebook

A criminal on the run from police got quite the surprise when he attempted to steal a police car…with a cop in the driver’s seat. 

The incident began on Tuesday evening when police in Fife, WA spotted a man acting suspiciously nearby a local hotel.

When an officer did a records check on the man’s vehicle he discovered that it was reported stolen. 

When the officer tried to contact the man he took off on foot, jumping fences in an attempt to flee from the officer. 

A Tacoma police officer was nearby and joined in the search for the suspect. The Tacoma officer turned on his red flashing lights and stopped along an overpass to do a visual search of the area.

The suspect on the run must have been looking for another car to steal in order to assist in his getaway so when he spotted the patrol car with lights flashing he decided to try and take it. 

When the suspect opened the driver’s door and jumped in the seat he was surprised to find that the officer was still there!

The officer tackled the suspect and was eventually able to take him into custody.


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