Protesters Shut Down Chicago Police Credit Union, Demand Social Justice

Photo: Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune

Photo: Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune

Protesters from the Black Youth Project along with other activists shut down business at the Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union on Saturday, demanding accountability from the Chicago police department and for the city to address social inequality.

The protesters, about 200 in number, sought to shut down the credit union, located directly across the street from the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), a major union representing police.

“These politicians, that these organizations and institutions, like the FOP, would rather police us, kill us, lock us up, than meet demands of better housing, mental health clinics, fully funded neighborhood public schools and jobs programs with fair wages for all of us,” said Jennifer Pagan of the Black Youth Project.

Apparently the protesters believed that they were shutting down the building in which the FOP was housed, with Pagan saying they were, “shutting down a privately owned bank that the FOP is housed in.”

The FOP, however, is actually located in a building across the street.


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