GOP Candidates Earn Praise For Supporting Police in Thursday Night Debate

Donald Trump;  Photo:

Donald Trump; Photo:

Thursday night’s GOP debate was full of memorable moments but none more popular than when some of the candidates used the forum to express their support for law enforcement. 

Donald Trump earned applause when he declared, “The police are the most mistreated people in this country. I will tell you that. The most mistreated people.”

The comments topped 90 percent with pollster Frank Luntz’s focus group.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, also used the dais to praise law enforcement and attack the Obama administration for it’s lack of support for cops on the street. 

“The President of the United States and both his attorneys general, they give the benefit of the doubt to the criminal, not to the police officers,” Christie said.

The topic of law enforcement has remained a hot button issue along the campaign trail and will likely be so throughout 2016.


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