Accused Cop Killer Sues Fallen Officer Over Allegations of Excessive Force

Major P. Davis II and Officer Perry Renn;  Photo:

Major P. Davis II and Officer Perry Renn; Photo:

A man accused of murdering an Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer in 2014 is suing the man he killed along with the the police department over allegations of unnecessary force, claiming that officers violated his constitutional “right to be secure.” 

Major P. Davis II is seeking $2.3 million, alleging that Officer Perry Renn shot him in the back while he was unarmed.

Davis is being charged with killing Officer Renn, shooting him with an AK-47, after officers had responded to a call of shots fired at a party. 

Prosecutors charge that Davis killed Officer Renn with an AK-47 that belonged to his mother, using the mother of his child as a shield during the fatal encounter. Prosecutors also allege that Davis’ use of a human shield caused officers to hesitate in responding to Davis’ fatal use of force.


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