South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to End Ticket Quotas

Rep. Justin Bamberg;  Photo: Stephen B. Morton/AP

Rep. Justin Bamberg; Photo: Stephen B. Morton/AP

A South Carolina lawmaker is promoting legislation that would prohibit police departments from setting ticket quotas or planning local events that depend on future ticket revenue.

Rep. Justin Bamberg, a Democrat, has argued that the allowance of such quotas could lead to more unnecessary confrontations between law enforcement and the public.

“It puts pressure on officers to go out and stop people for ridiculous stuff or things they normally wouldn't. It puts officers in a difficult position," Bamberg said.

He continued, “It also makes citizens feel like they're being harassed or stopped for petty things."

Many have argued that “hard quotas” no longer exist and that although the perception remains that police departments routinely seek revenue through ticket writing the reality is far different.

Rep. Bamberg, in addition to his job as a state representative, is also an attorney representing Walter Scott, the man shot in the back while fleeing from a police officer in North Charleston, SC last year. 

The officer in that incident, Michael Slager, has been charged with murder.


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