Citizens rescue Florida deputy being attacked by motorist

Three men came to the rescue of a Florida deputy after witnessing the officer come under assault by a motorist.

Polk County Deputy Mike Walsh had pulled over a motorist after the driver nearly hit his police motorcycle while running a stop sign. The motorist, identified as Corey Johnson, ignored Walsh's commands to stay in his car and instead attacked Deputy Walsh, knocking him to the ground.

Johnson then straddled Walsh and struck him repeatedly before the deputy was able to break free. 

Johnson fled on foot but didn't get very far.

Bystanders Antonio Velasquez, Christopher Carver, and George Cooper jumped in to help. Along with Deputy Walsh, the good samaritans helped take Johnson into custody. Johnson was wanted for multiple outstanding warrants.

Cooper recalled, "He just got out of the car and started beating the officer and then got on top of him beating him. When I see people fighting a police officer, I am going to stop and help."

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