Las Vegas officers ambushed at traffic light, suspect taken into custody

Two Las Vegas Metropolitan police officers were ambushed in their patrol car while waiting at a traffic light on Sunday. An as-yet-unidentified suspect fired upon the officers with a  semiautomatic pistol, injuring one of the officers in the hand. 

The officers were able to take the suspect into custody without further incident.

"These officers are going out there and being attacked while they are sitting in a police car, and we didn't fire a single shot back at him," Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said, citing the officers' remarkable "restraint."

"We are certainly working on pins and needles," McMahill continued. "That is part of the reason we doubled them up. So we have two officers available immediately whenever an incident occurs."

The incident is but the latest example of the brazenness that many criminals are now showing in attacking law enforcement. Just one week ago, Deputy Darren Goforth (Harris County (TX) Sheriff's Dept.) was gunned down in an ambush-style "execution" while pumping gas into his patrol vehicle. 

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