California faces hiring shortage for police officers


Earning a career in law enforcement can be one of the most challenging ventures in a person's life. Historically, most people who apply to become police officers aren't hired for the job. But the hurdles involved in pursuing a career in police work hasn't stopped the profession from enjoying broad interest from eager applicants.

Until now.

California law enforcement agencies have reported a huge spike in the number of open police officer positions around the state. Since 2010, such open positions have increased by 603% compared to a rate of only 7% for open firefighter positions. 

The decline in suitable applicants has led to officer shortages around the state. Analysts suggest that economics have played a significant role in the decline but many have also pointed to the increased tensions between police and community relations as well as the inherent dangers of the job and declining benefits packages. 

Irrespective of the root causes, California continues to endure an officer shortage certain to affect communities large and small.

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