Charges Reduced Against El Salvadoran Man Who Brutally Attacked U.S. Border Patrol Agent

Photo: David McNew / Getty Images

Photo: David McNew / Getty Images

Felony assault charges against an El Salvadoran immigrant illegally crossing into the United States were dropped down to a misdemeanor last week after a plea deal was reached. 

The assault occurred in November after Jorge Alexander Garcia Murgas, 36, choked and attempted to grab the handgun of a border patrol officer who was trying to apprehend him after Murgas was located among a group on individuals attempting to illegally cross into Texas.

The drop in severity of the charges has angered many, particularly those within the U.S. Border Patrol, as many fear such a decision only encourages increased resistance and aggression toward law enforcement. 

Chris Cabrera, vice president for a local chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, a union representing the interests of border patrol agents, said of the decision, “An assault on any of our agents is a serious matter and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, anything short of that is a disgrace. The federal government needs to stand up for those that protect our nation.”


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