Washington, D.C. Sees Lowest Number of Officers in a Decade, Amid Huge Uptick in Violent Crime

Amid an huge uptick in violent crime across the nation’s capitol, the Washington, D.C. metro police department is suffering through it’s lowest personnel numbers in a decade, the Washington Post reported.

As of mid-December, the D.C. police force has dropped below 3,800 officers, the lowest in a decade. 

And the drop in numbers couldn’t come at a worse time. Homicides across the district are up 50 percent this year, echoing a similar problem being dealt with in large cities throughout the nation.

While some city officials have stressed the need to focus more on working within their resource limitations and less on obtaining a certain number of officers, the police union’s treasurer, Gregg Pemberton, pinned the blame in loss of officers on the police administration itself.

“The only way to stop the hemorrhaging of personnel on this department is to fundamentally change the way it is managed,” Pemberton said.


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