Police Officers in Antioch, CA Surprise Victimized Family With Trip to Disneyland

Photo: eastcountytoday.net

Photo: eastcountytoday.net

Police officers in Antioch, CA surprised a family with a Christmas gift they hoped would help ease some of the family’s pain after their home was burglarized.

Amanda and her family had been the victims of a home burglary when she called the Antioch police department to her house.

Among the many items that the burglars stole was $2,000 that Amanda had been saving to take her young children on vacation to Disneyland.

Officers on scene could see how disappointed the family was that they now wouldn’t be able to go on their vacation, so they took it upon themselves to secretly help the family. 

Officers Loren Bledsoe and Steven Aiello rallied other officers in their department and were able to raise the $2,000 to give the family for their trip to the Magic Kingdom.

They called Amanda and her family down to the police department to look at a photo lineup of potential suspects; however, when they arrived the officers surprised the family with the money.

“We spread the story with all the other officers in the department, and together we were able to raise over $2,000 to send you and your family to Disneyland. Merry Christmas,” Officer Bledsoe told Amanda as he presented her with the money.

Officers throughout the country routinely go above and beyond the call of duty to help the citizens they protect and serve. Congratulations to the Antioch police officers who took that extra step and helped a family enjoy a little break from an otherwise difficult time!


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