PRO-Police Supporters Rally in Chicago

In a departure from the more common anti-police protests routinely springing up throughout Chicago, residents from the city’s South Side joined several police officers on Saturday outside the third district headquarters to show their support for the police department. 

Jose Wilson, an area activist, said, “We want to make sure you know you have friends here. You have people who are a part of church organizations, community organizations, and other organizations who are here to say, you know something, we support you.”

Wilson continued, "We have a great community. We have great officers who serve this community. And we want people to understand, throughout the Chicago area, that it’s not all officers that have done things we consider unjust. The vast majority are good officers.”

The pro-police rally came in the wake of more anti-police protests in downtown Chicago. 

Protesters on Saturday clogged the River North, Gold Coast, and Loop areas of downtown to protest the police shooting of 17-year old Laquan McDonald last year.


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