Two Boston Police Officers Injured After Suspect Drags Them 100 Yards, Hanging From Car

Two Boston police officers are recovering from injuries sustained after a suspect dragged them 100 yards, hanging from the vehicle's windows.

The incident began on Sunday night after two Boston police officers pulled over a vehicle for speeding and erratic driving. After the driver, identified as Bryant Gilbert, 45, refused to turn his vehicle off, things turned for the worse.

"The officers requested the operator to place the vehicle in park and remove the keys from the ignition, but the operator adamantly refused. Fearing the operator’s reckless driving was a danger to other citizens in the area, officers attempted to secure the driver and the vehicle when the operator stepped on the gas, dragging both officers with the vehicle," police said in a statement.

The officers were dragged for 100 yards before the suspect crashed his vehicle into a parked car. Gilbert and a passenger fled from the wreck but the officers managed to pursue and capture Gilbert following a "violent struggle."

Large amounts of money and several individual packages of suspected marijuana were located in the vehicle.

The officers were transported to a local hospital for treatment and released.


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