Police Union Says 20 Year Sentence for Attempted Murder of Baltimore Police Officer "Unacceptable"


A man on probation for multiple handgun violations was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the attempted first-degree murder of a Baltimore police officer last year.

The plea deal, reached with state prosecutors, was deemed "unacceptable" by police union leaders.

The sentence stemmed from the December shooting of Baltimore Police Officer Andrew Groman.

Donte Jones, 20, and others had been asked to step out of their vehicle after Officer Groman smelled marijuana emanating from the car.

Despite being asked to keep his hands visible, Jones instead produced a .357 revolver and shot Groman three times in the stomach. 

Jones fled the scene but was apprehended shortly thereafter. Officer Groman was hospitalized for a month due to the injuries he suffered.

Jones had been facing the possibility of life in prison before accepting the state's deal, which suspended all but 20 years of the life sentence.

Elan Rafael, attorney for Jones, stated, "Mr. Jones continues to state that the shooting of Officer Groman was accidental."

Gene Ryan, President of the Fraternal Order of Police, was shocked by the leniency of the deal.

"Any time anybody tries to kill a law enforcement officer in uniform, he should be given the maximum sentence. Anything less is unacceptable," Ryan said.


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