Tarantino Unapologetic Over Anti-Police Remarks

Quentin Tarantino has doubled down on inflammatory comments he made at an anti-police brutality rally in New York City last week.

At the rally, Tarantino referred to police officers as "murderers."

Tarantino's comments have inspired strong condemnation from multiple police unions as well as several elected officials.

In a statement reacting to the call from some police unions to boycott Tarantino and his movies, the director did not back away from his comments.

"Instead of dealing with the incidents of police brutality that those people were bringing up, instead of examining the problem of police brutality in this country better, they single me out. And their message is very clear. It’s to shut me down. It’s to discredit me. It is to intimidate me. It is to shut my mouth, and even more important than that, it is to send a message out to any other prominent person that might feel the need to join that side of the argument," Tarantino said.

Tarantino was also unapologetic in interviews he gave to both the LA Times and MSNBC, although he has insisted that he was not trying to paint all police officers as murderers.

"We were at a rally for that was dealing with unarmed people, mostly black and brown, who have been shot and killed, or beaten or strangled, by the police, and I was obviously referring to the people in those types of situations," the director said in a discussion with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.


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