Illinois Officer Thought To Have Been Shot During a Pursuit Actually Took Own Life, Investigation Reveals


In a particularly disturbing turn of events, officials from the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force said that an officer initially thought to have been shot and killed during a police pursuit in September actually took his own life. 

The shooting death of Fox Lake Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz inspired a massive manhunt for three unidentified suspects after Gliniewicz radioed into dispatch that he was in foot pursuit of the men. 

Officers responding to assist Gliniewicz later located his body. 

What was first thought to be an investigation into the murder of a police officer soon turned into an investigation into whether or not Gliniewicz took his own life after the Lake County coroner stated that the officer had been killed with his own weapon and that he could not rule out suicide.

Investigating officers soon discovered evidence to suggest that Gliniewicz had embezzled thousands of dollars from his own department's youth Explorer program. Coupled with other evidence, investigators soon concluded that the officer had staged his own on-duty death during an elaborate suicide.

George Filenko, commander of the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, said that Gliniewicz's death was a "carefully staged suicide." He added, "Gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community."


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