PA Woman Faces Fines Of Up To $500 a Day For Displaying Pro-Police Sign at Her Home

A Pennsylvania woman is facing fines of up to $500 per day for displaying a pro-police crime watch sign in the window of her home.

The sign hanging in Cindy Davis' window apparently says, "Thank you CBG police. Neighbors watch for drug dealers. You will be turned in."

According to Canonsburg, PA Manager Bob Kipp, the issue is not the content of the sign, but rather the fact that the sign is "non-conforming" to a residential area.

"We’ve been contacted by at least one neighbor who’s complained they’re having difficulty selling a property, and that this sign might be a part of it and if we don’t act, we’re fearing potential suits from people if we selectively enforce our ordinances," said Kipp.

Davis, however, is undeterred. She insists she will continue to fight for her right to publicize the good efforts of the Canonsbug police department and their crime watch initiative.


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