Amazing Body Camera Footage Shows Heroic Actions of Officer, After the Officer Had Been Shot

Amazing body camera footage from an officer involved shooting in March was released by the Cleveland police department on Wednesday. The footage shows officers pleading with an armed man to drop his weapon and surrender. The man eventually pointed his weapon at officers and was shot and killed.

What makes the video more remarkable was that the officer pleading with the man had actually just been shot by the man, identified as Charles Johnson, 64. Officers had responded to the scene after Johnson's wife called police to report that her husband had threatened to kill her and their landlady. When officers arrived, they were met with surprise gunfire.

One of Johnson's rounds struck Officer David Muniz in his chest but was stopped by his bulletproof vest.

As officers retreated, Johnson followed them and an armed standoff ensued. In the verbal exchanged caught on the officers body cameras, Johnson is seen pleading with officers to kill him.

"I know you shot me, but I’m not going to shoot you," Officer Muniz told Johnson. 

Although officers tried repeatedly to convince Johnson to drop his weapon he instead pointed his gun at officers and was shot.

"These guys are absolutely genuine American heroes," said police union president Steve Loomistold.