Viral Video Shows Gun Wielding Man Stalking LAPD Officer (Video)

Several members of the Los Angeles police department expressed concern over a viral video that depicted a gun wielding man stalking an LAPD officer. The video, recently posted on Instagram, immediately went viral and prompted an investigation into who made the video and why.

LAPD detectives soon identified the creators of the video, whom they would only describe as a being "members of an early-1990s rap group no longer in fashion."

Apparently, the "rap group" thought it would be a good idea to stalk an LAPD officer while flashing a handgun for the camera.

Of the suspects identified, LAPD has taken one into custody and issued a warrant for another; however, the lead detectives declared that they didn't believe the video to be a "credible threat," and instead determined it to have been made for "entertainment purposes."

Watch the video above and judge for yourself.