California set to track, and make public, all police interactions

In a move to make all police interactions with the public more transparent, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that mandates all police agencies within the state track, and make public, the racial and ethnic profile of everyone stopped by law enforcement. 

Although hailed by some civil rights activists, many within the law enforcement community were less thrilled with the legislation, suggesting that it will create a bureaucratic mess while failing to reveal whether or not police are unfairly treating minority groups.

Lt. Steve James, president of the Long Beach police officer's union stated, "It's a terrible piece of legislation." 

James continued, "There is no racial profiling. There just isn't. There is criminal profiling that exists."

Several larger agencies within the state of California already track perceived ethnic and racial data related to any individual stopped by their respective police agency; however, the new legislation will mandate that all agencies track such data.