Latest Tool in The Police Officer's Arsenal: Nunchucks?

Nunchucks, the Japanese martial-arts tool known to most through Bruce Lee movies, are being reintroduced as another less-lethal force option in some California cities.

The small town of Anderson, California is equipping it's officers with the weapon, hoping their use might alter public opinion on police use of force.

"In an era where the general public is extremely sensitive to police techniques and use of force issues, another force option that may offset some of the more aggressive perceptions the public has about police intervention," said Michael Johnson, Anderson Chief of Police.

Possession of the weapon is not mandatory; however, if an officer chooses to be equipped with the tool then they must complete a 16-hour training program.

Although most observers assume the weapon is primarily an impact tool, its use in maintaining a control hold on a suspect is substantial, according to law enforcement personnel.

The weapon, previously used by several law enforcement agencies before being discontinued amid legal concerns, are also being reintroduced in pilot programs in Los Angeles, Anaheim, and San Diego.


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