Bulletproof Vest Saves Pennsylvania Officer, Suspect on the Run


A Harmony Township police officer was shot early on Wednesday morning as he investigated an individual suspected of breaking into vehicles.

The gunfire from the suspect struck the officer in his bulletproof vest.

After being shot, the officer managed to return fire; however, it is unclear at this time if the suspect was struck as well.

The suspect, described as an African-American male, 6-feet tall with dreadlocks and wearing a dark, hooded sweatshirt, fled on foot and is currently being tracked by police and K9 personnel.

"We have an attempted cop killer out there who, if you're going to shoot a police officer, you're going to harm anybody, so this is a serious situation with a dangerous individual that's running at large," said Lieutenant Eric Hermick of the Pennsylvania State Police.

The officer was taken to a nearby hospital but has since been released.


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