Ambush Attacks Against Police on the Rise

The number of ambush attacks on law enforcement, while still lower than the numbers experienced in the early 1990's, has risen over the past several years. 

Between 2008-2013, ambush attacks on police officers rose to approximately 250 per year, up from the 200 per year that had been steady since 2000.

The data on ambush attacks was part of an extensive report released by the DOJ on Tuesday.

Ronald Davis, Director of the DOJ's Office of Community Policing Services, said, "We know that the murder of a police officer in the line of duty is an assault on the entire community. When that murder is a result of an ambush, it also attacks the very foundation of our democracy.  We must act to address this persistent threat."

The increase in violence against law enforcement, amplified by the rise in ambush attacks, has coincided with the increase in anti-police rhetoric being promoted by activist groups.

The entire DOJ report on ambush attacks on police can be found HERE.


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