U.S. Army vet hailed as hero after charging Umpqua gunman

A United States Army veteran and student at Umpqua Community College is being hailed as a hero after charging a gun-wielding assailant during an active shooter incident at the college on Thursday. The shooting left 9 people dead and many others injured.

Chris Mintz, 30, heard gunshots ring out in the classroom next to his but instead of running the other way, Mintz ran toward the gunman, according to witnesses.

“He told the people in his classroom just be calm. He met the shooter at the door and said to calm down. He tried to talk to him and talk him out of it," said his cousin Ariana Earnhardt.

Mintz was shot three times as he confronted the shooter and then several other times as he fell to the floor. Reports indicate that Mintz suffered multiple internal injuries and two broken legs. He is currently in stable condition at a local hospital.

Mintz, a 10-year Army veteran, told ABC News, "I just hope that everyone else is OK. I'm just worried about everyone else."

The shooter eventually shot and killed himself as he was being confronted by responding police officers. 


Updated October 4, 2015 11:00am