Troubled Actor Arrested in Austin for Public Intoxication


Shia LeBouf, the troubled Transformers actor, was arrested again this weekend for public intoxication in Austin, Texas.

In an affidavit, Austin police documented encountering an apparently intoxicated man, later identified as LeBouf, at the intersection of Sixth Street and San Jacinto Boulevard. LeBouf was allegedly standing in the middle of traffic and attempting to block vehicles.

An officer initiated a probable cause stop on LeBouf and immediately noticed signs of alcohol intoxication.

LeBouf initially turned to walk away from the officer but stopped when the officer ordered him to do so. LeBouf allegedly told the officer that he usually "walks away because police had killed a friend of his."

LeBouf became verbally aggressive with the officer, calling him a "silly man" on several occasions. After LeBouf allegedly became aggressive with a bystander that was filming the encounter, the officer placed LeBouf under arrest for public intoxication.