Two Investigations Find Officers' Use of Force in Tamir Rice Shooting to Have Been "Reasonable"

Two investigations prepared for the Cuyahoga County prosecutor's office have concluded that the controversial 2014 police shooting of 12-year old Tamir Rice was "reasonable." Rice was shot and killed while displaying a toy gun in a public park.

Officers had responded to the park following a call for service where a witness reported seeing Rice brandishing a handgun. When Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback arrived on scene they located Rice and a fatal shooting ensued. The gun Rice was in possession of was later determined to be fake.

The shooting sparked numerous protests in the city of Cleveland against what was perceived as excessive police force.

County prosecutors indicated that it would be up to a grand jury to determine whether the officers face any criminal charges.

S. Lamar Sims, a chief deputy district attorney in Denver, authored one of the reports on the Rice shooting and concluded, "There can be no doubt that Rice's death was tragic and, indeed, when one considers his age, heartbreaking...However, for all of the reasons discussed herein, I conclude that Officer Loehmann's belief that Rice posed a threat of serious physical harm or death was objectively reasonable as was his response to that perceived threat."